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Thank You

So many times, in our busy lives, it is easily forgotten how the people you talk to throughout the year never truly are acknowledged for their hard work, assistance, dedication to the horse and to support the future equestrian.  So, I would like to formally thank and let the people know that have helped make Perquestrian Acres what it is today and continue to help make us what we can become.

Thank you to Luis Rodriquez and Stephanie Beckman!  Luis- you are a talented farrier, a magician with horses and truly a great friend.  Stephanie- You've always been supportive and someone who I can always rely on to give me a different angle to view.

Thank you to Centrepoint Stables of Delano.  Todd and Judy- THANK YOU!  You've always been supportive, informational, helpful and wonderful.  You truly are in our hearts and we can't thank you enough for being the people you are.  We owe you dinner!!!

            And to the people who continually make PAs a day to day operation.

Bill & Joanne Morrison- You grow wonderful hay and I thank you for the wonderful people you are.

Barry Nelson- You deal with our babies and our old ones.  I know you like the old ones but they were young once too and without your consistency they too would be out of control.  Thank you!  You're a great farrier

Thank you to Anoka Equine I, as well as all the customers here, appreciate your hard work and dedication to the well being of the horse.  You ALL do a wonderful Job.