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Vanity Palace ASB 96908 (Sultan's Great Day x Hope Eternal)

Cezar's Palace (Vanity Palace x Kathryn Spade) 2009 Mn LB Reserve Champion

Hilarie Dorsey with Malabar's Man at the 2009 Washington County Fair

Polly Kritzeck at the 2009 Octoberfest Show- Congratulations Polly at your first show!

The Royal Patriot (Vanity Palace x Jewel's Gold) 2008 Mn Owned 1st Place

Lorenza (age 2) at Tanbark 2007 on Magic (age 3)

Bijal (Dakota Thunder x Jewel's Gold) 2007 Weanling @ MSHA Futurity Show.  Thank you Joe Kryzer for a wonderful weekend! 

Lorenza (age 3) and Magic at Octoberfest 2007

Stall Barn built in 2007- Recently updated in 2009 -Updated photos coming soon

60 x 104 indoor riding arena.