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Thank you for visiting our Perquestrian Acres site.  Please also feel free to reach me at 763-238-9680 or via email at perquestrian@aol.com. I looking forward to hearing from you.

Perquestrian Acres was established in 2003 as a private business specializing in pony parties and breeding for the American Sport Horse. In 2007, our home was opened up to become an official Boarding Facility.  We currently have to offer a 60 x 104 indoor arena, 84 x 160 outdoor arena and 14 stalls, 12 x 12, 8 x 12, & 11 x 13 in size.  The new barn consists of 12 of these stalls and has infloor heat, large tack room, lounge/viewing room, restroom, ceiling fans, emergency wash area and overflow cross ties in the aisle for clipping etc.  Each stall consists of adjustable feed buckets, hayfeeder, automatic waterers, crossties and individual lighting.  We feed Nutrena Safechoice pelleted grain and quality grass and or grass/alfalfa mix hay depending on the horses needs and the climate.  We offer blanketing in the winter and each stall receives a box fan in the summertime.  Daily turnout is available.  Horses stay in if it is below 10 degrees (unless you say different) or over 90 degrees. Evening turnout is an option to prevent sunfade for show horses.  We welcome all breeds and disciplines to come and visit to see if this could be your horse's next place to call home.

We also offer english or general riding lessons as well as horse training to the public.  If you would like further information regarding lessons or training, please contact me via email or the phone numbers listed above.